Hemonto Kumari Chowdhurani

19th century was the  period of Bengal Renaissance. For  that Renaissance, a change had seen all around the  Bengal. Everyone  could realize the necessity of girls' education from then. 'Shrehotta Sommelon'  established by the educated youth of Sylhet played a vital  role in imparting education.

It was the educated youth who had taken oath to educate the  women. In the beginning, the  teaching started through home tutoring. Husband taught his wife, brother taught his sister, father guided his daughter. In that way, girls' education began on a limited scale. At that time, Special Sub Register Raj

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Welcome To Govt. Agragami Girls' High School and College.
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Hazrat Shahjalal (R) Prophet Shahporan (R) and Sri Chaitanya Dev the perception of the spiritual capital of God blessed padasparse punya, two leaves and a bud is full of natural beauty and is an integral part of the history of the division of learnin.............

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Govt. Agragami Girls High School & College is regarded as one of the best institutions in Bangladesh due to its discipline, teaching technique and favorable teaching environment. In the meantime we achieved name and fame due to cent percent successful result in all public exams and has acquired position in top of Sylhet education board.

The students of the institution take part actively and successfully in the programs organized by Government and local authorities.

In all respe


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